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Donate Cure Type 1 Diabetes Dr Denise Flashman BCG TB Vaccine


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Keep up to date on the crusade to defeat and cure type 1 diabetes. For anyone who has emailed the lab, it may take us a few days to respond – we have received over 1000 emails and will try to get back to each person as soon as possible.
A Portuguese article on the trial: Cura do diabetes tipo 1? Pesquisadores americanos dizem que nova droga pode ser a resposta
For more details on the clinical trial, a good resource is https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02081326. Please remember, if you are interested in participating, contact our lab directly at diabetestrial@partners.org rather than messaging through Facebook.
For those who need more information on our type 1 diabetes research, please visit www.faustmanlab.org. It may not look pretty, but there is a lot of info!
A French article: Le vaccin BCG entame une phase 2 dans le diabète de type 1 – See more at: http://www.lequotidiendumedecin.fr/…/le-vaccin-bcg-entame-u…Sea Bee It’s PRAYING TIME, FOLKS!! GIVING THANKS FOR ALL THE PROGRESS AND PRAYERS FOR ‘THE CURE’!
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James Perez Hopefully something comes to fruition of this. Annual shots doesn’t sound too bad


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