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Fluoride causes Heart Attack, Stroke and Ruptured Aorta
• Fluoride increases fatty streak formation of the aorta and other sites
• Fluoride increases Monocyte chemotactic protein-1 (MCP-1) which induces infiltration of
macrophages at vessel walls and formation of atherosclerotic lesions [Namiki 202,
Kusano 2004].
• Fluoride interferes with heart muscle enzymes and causes cell death
• Fluoride interferes with Magnesium and Calcium metabolism
• Fluoride causes oxidative stress and degeneration of heart muscle
• Fluoride inhibits Thyroid function with consequential damage to heart function.
Reduction of T4 has been linked to hypertension [Streeton 1988] and heart disease
[Rodondi 2010].
• Fluoride increases risk of sudden death from ruptured aorta
• Diabetes, caused or exacerbated by Fluoride, further increases risk of cardiovascular
death and disability
• Fluoridation of drinking water at 1.5mg/L “dramatically increased the incipient aortic
calcification observed in rats with experimental chronic kidney disease” [Martín-Pardillos
2014, cited in MacArthur 2015].
• Cardiovascular disease death rates were about 1.7 times higher among adults aged 18
years or older with diagnosed diabetes than among adults without diagnosed diabetes.
Rates for heart attack were 1.8 times higher among adults aged 20 years

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