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Do's And Don'ts for patients with Diabetes? - Dr. Mahesh DM

All patients with diabetes should do a few important things. One is plan a healthy meal, which includes an appropriate breakfast at the right time, lunch and dinner at the right time. An important aspect of managing diabetes is an early breakfast at 8 am, which will kick star the metabolism and ensure that the glucose variations are extremely normal and they are not fluctuating to cause any problems. These could part of healthy eating is to take adequate quantities of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and lots of vegetables which will give them vitamins and minerals. Third thing is to avoid the simple carbohydrates and to consume the complex carbohydrates. The second part of do’s is exercise. Any form of exercise, especially the ones which involve the aerobics and resistant training, both will have extreme control on their glycemic control and improve their strength. So all patients should exercise and the easiest form of exercise is walking. Walking forms an important part of managing diabetes because it will not only improve the health, prevent cardiovascular disease and hypertension and will reduce the number of medicines. The third part of diabetes is extremely important, to take the medicines at the right time and also consume the medicine deepening on if it is before food or after food based on the type of tablets. Fourth part is to check your blood glucose levels at the appropriate time and also to do the test HbA1C.This is to check the blood glucose levels every 3 months. The next part of diabetes is to go for regular checkups and screening. Screening for cardiovascular disease, screening for food problems, screening for eye problems screening for kidney problem s has to be done on an annual basis from an appropriate health care setup so that you know what stage of disease you are in and you can prevent the complications. So the 4 do’s are regular exercise in the form of walking, regular meals, appropriate timing, third is proper medicines, fourth is to take the tablets ate the proper timing, Also go for regular checkups, these are the do’s. The don’ts are never skip a meal, next is never sit idle for more than 90 minutes, be active. Next is don’t binge eat because if you skip a meal and start eating, your sugars will fluctuate. So you will not be able to manage your sugar levels properly. So even if you eat less, but if you skip a meal that is more problematic than eating a proper timed meal. Fourth is do not skip your medicines. Fifth is do not neglect your blood glucose values. Most people feel that they do not have symptoms. Therefore I need not go to a doctor consult a specialist. Diabetes is a silent killer.it may be that the blood glucose levels may be high but you may not be having any symptoms. But just because the glucose levels are high, they start damaging the internal organs. You see that you have food problem or a heart problem, stroke etc. So never ignore your blood glucose values and take appropriate steps.


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