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Doug Melton - The Public Appetite for Science Journalism

Harvard professor Doug Melton developed an interest in biology as a child, watching tadpoles develop into frogs in his native Illinois, and he began focusing on the prospects for using stem cells to cure diabetes after both of his children were diagnosed with the disease. When Melton spoke at Lippmann House in March, he spoke about the lack of strong science coverage in journalism. “I think there’s a public appetite for that,” he said. “What I don’t think there is, are many journalists who feel comfortable enough about science to write it in a way that the public can understand.” Melton argued that the Boston Globe has a unique opportunity, perhaps even an obligation, to cover science: “I don’t understand why [new Boston Globe owner] John Henry doesn’t say, ‘I own a newspaper in the world’s best city for science and technology, so I’m going to hire five of you and just send you to MIT and BU and Harvard and just go hear about these neat stories.'”

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