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Dr. Chris Schell Optometry serving Barrie, Ontario


Chris Schell Optometrist in Barrie, Ontario.

Optometrists can recognize critical health issues like diabetes & hypertension.

Eyes are the window to the health of the body.

Great eye doctor.

Contact lenses.


Dr. Schell concentrates on the eye, vision and related systemic diseases.

Examine diagnose and treat any eye or vision disorder.

Vision tip “20/20/20″” for every 20 minutes of near work (computers), take a 20 second break, look at something 20 feet away get it into a sharp clear focus. This relaxes eyes and refreshes concentration.

Up to date with the most current eye care technologies.

Vision care for children.

Vision therapy.

See what you are missing at Dr. Schell Optometrist in Barrie, ON.

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