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Dr Farokh Master - Golden Rules of Homeopathic Prescribing - Pt 1

This is a preview of the great information Dr Farokh Master will be giving at our upcoming postgraduate seminar on the 11th and 12th of February in London.

Homeopathy postgrads can find all info and book here: http://uk.chehomeopathy.com/events/chronic-disease/

In this two day seminar Dr. Master will focus on:
– Acute and chronic disease
– Advanced case management
– In depth Materia Medica remedies based on Jungian Psychology
– Interpreting follow-up cases
– Special focus on advanced pathological cases of diabetes, cancer and renal failure

Case management can be very tricky once a reaction appears. You might be wondering whether you should repeat remedies, step up the potency, change remedy, reach for an intercurrent, or simply wait. This is often the most crucial time and needs skilled management. Dr. Master will teach students how they can manage situations to best effect.

Dr Master has selected a few video cases of advanced diseases (cancer, diabetes, chronic renal failure) which he will show during the seminar, and explain how he managed these with homeopathy. This will involve case analysis, remedy differentiation and potency selection.

Book here: http://uk.chehomeopathy.com/events/chronic-disease/

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