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Dr. Natasha Cures Juvenile Diabetes

The pancreas can rejuvenate
Juvenile diabetes can be cured.
The true cause of type 1 diabetes.

Excerpts from Gut & Physiology Syndrome lecture at 2011 Wise Traditions Conference

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by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

The Paleo Diet cures Juvenile Diabetes in the same way.
Don’t miss this — http://youtu.be/_MU38KRH35w

If you have Type 2 Diabetes, for a dollar a day
this food works as well as the leading diabetes drug.
And with NO side effects:

NOTE for the frustrated: I grant you, this won’t be easy. You’ll have to give up all grains (read Wheat Belly). You’ll have to stop all processed foods / packaged foods. You’ll have to eat lots of butter, fat, eggs, organ meats, bone broths and all the other most nutrient dense foods you can get. And you may need to go so far as eating raw meat.It’s a long journey for most people these days. I encourage you to just keep going. Eating this way can at least get you off insulin. And, perhaps with changing your mindset (something like Catherine Ponder, Charles Fillmore or Sondra Ray), you can even heal the pancreas. Regardless, you’ll feel much better and greatly improve your health. For the most comprehensive, yet most simple, guidelines: seek out the Bulletproof Executive’s free download food charts. His guidelines cover everything.


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