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Dr Nyjon Eccles Vitamin D & Supplementation A Type 2 Diabetes Case Study

http://www.bindonhouse.com – One perhaps unrecognised area of looking at diabetes and risk – is the area of vitamin D levels. At first glance it may not be obvious why that’s important but there is lots of published evidence that there is an association between both Type 1 Diabetes -which is the insulin dependent- and Type 2 Diabetes with levels of vitamin D. So in other words if your levels of vitamin D are low then you have more propensities to develop certainly Type 2 Diabetes.

The other thing is that in my own clinical practice I am finding, as I routinely test vitamin D levels, that 70% of clients who see me are actually vitamin D deficient, or below the recommended level of what vitamin D should be in the bloodstream. Vitamin D helps to regulate over 2000 genes and the list of what it does is extending year by year as more research is done on it.

One thing I can tell you, if you are diabetic you cannot afford to have low levels of vitamin D and hence why we include vitamin D testing in the programmes that we offer at Bindon House. It is important to get your vitamin D to an optimum level if you are looking at a complete programme of Type 2 diabetes reversal.

One area that is perhaps unrecognised in terms of management of type 2 diabetes is the area of using food supplementation. I would like to share with you some research that a college of mine performed in the Czech Republic – his name is Dr Michael Kucera. He conducted a Type 2 Diabetes Study on 65 people who were over the age of 65. These people had to have 2 diagnoses. They had to have “Type 2 diabetes” and also “High Blood Pressure”.

They also had to be on one or two medications for both diagnoses. He then put them on a supplement which was a combination of key important cellular nutrients for a period of 14 weeks.

Let me share with you his results of his Type 2 Diabetes Case Study.

After 14 weeks, 12% of the people taking part in the Type 2 Diabetes Case Study where able to discontinue all medications. 15% were able to discontinue 2 medications. 23% were able to discontinue 1 medication. 40% where able to reduce their doses of their medications;

I am not aware of any other Type 2 Diabetes Case Studies that demonstrated in such a short period of time, such profound “Type 2 Diabetes Reversal”;

When you come to Bindon House, part of the overall assessment that you will have and part of the therapeutics that you will have- are to address how we can use key supplementation to enable you to move in the right direction that is away from having diabetes in the quickest possible time.

Visit Bindon House, The UK’s Only Type 2 Diabetes Retreat, for more information: http://www.bindonhouse.com

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