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Dr. Wallach - Diabetes CAUSE & PREVENTION

Why don’t doctors teach their patients about nutrition? Let’s take a look at an example, Adult Onset Type 2 Diabetes to find out why. There are 16 million people in America with Adult Onset Type 2 Diabetes. The fastest growing age group with adult onset type 2 diabetes are kids under the age of 12. It used to be only found in people 45 to50 years of age and above. You could almost diagnose it by the age of onset. You can’t do that any more, because more and more kids under the age of 12 are developing adult onset type 2 diabetes. So lets briefly look at diabetes. 2 slides left here. It’s the number 3 killer of , I can’t say adults anymore, the number 3 killer of people in America today, it causes blindness of all kinds, kidney failure, kidney transplant, cardiovascular disease, amputation of toe, feet and legs. Doctors love diabetic patients because it used to be 250,000 to 500,000 that a doctor would make off his diabetic patients.

Today according to CNN Factoids, CDC (Center for Disease Control) GAO, now its 600,000 to 750,000 dollars that each diabetic is worth to a doctor. Doctors love diabetics, they are great cash cows.

There should not be a single diabetic in America, its totally preventable. It’s criminal ladies and gentlemen. We learned in 1957, 42 years ago that we could prevent and cure adult onset type 2 diabetes in animals. Simply by supplementing with 2 trace minerals. You see adult onset type 2 diabetics make 10 times more insulin than non diabetics. They make tons on insulin. What do they need insulin pumps for. What do they need a pancreatic transplant for, they are already 10 times more insulin than a non diabetic. Remember I told you that nothing will work, even hormones like insulin will not work without one or more mineral cofactors.

In the case of diabetes, its chromium and vanadium. So I looked in my veterinary back ground and we have what we call Dr. Wallach’s Duck Diabetes Formula. You ever seen a duck with diabetes, no. We have been able to prevent and cure diabetes in ducks for 50 years. If there is anything good about being a diabetic it’s that you get to adjust your own medication. You do not need to call your doctor 4 times a day and say what do I do? How do I adjust my medication? They teach you how to adjust your own medication. Your supposed to take your blood sugar medication, as your blood sugar comes down, you adjust your medication down just like you’ve been taught. Take your blood sugar every morning when your on the Duck Diabetes Formula and as your blood sugar comes down, you adjust your medication down. And when your blood sugar is 70, and you don’t need insulin anymore, do you need to call your doctor? No, he’ll want you to come back in, cause he is sure your reading it wrong. In 1985 the Medical School of Vancouver British Columbia came out and said the trace mineral vanadium alone could replace insulin for adult onset type 2 diabetics.
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