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Drawn in Light- Full Movie

The works have been created as the result of a collaboration between artist Jo Berry and leading biomedical researchers at the University of Nottingham. In an extraordinary fusion of art and science, the drawings provide a dramatic visual interpretation of their research into how the hunger hormone Grehlin stimulates the body’s cells.

With support from the Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England, Jo spent six-months working in the lab with Tim Self and Dr Nicholas Holliday of Nottingham University School of Biomedical Sciences. Their work focuses on understanding the events that happen inside cells in response to Grehlin, and how this information could be used to develop drugs that turn hunger on and off as possible treatments for obesity and diabetes.

Taking microscope images of live cell signalling, Jo has turned her research into an innovative new exhibition comprising digital drawings, multi-layered laser-cut lightboxes, vinyls and animations. As well as being aesthetically beautiful, each of the works also gives a glimpse at the processes and signalling events that are occurring in individual cells.

Jo explains the motivations behind the project: “The project celebrates the human body, the use of new technology, the collaboration between science and art, and also gives the public the opportunity to see science in a new and imaginative way.

“The hormone we studied is in us all, helping us decide when to eat, so the inspiration behind the work is part of everyone.”

Dr Holliday added: “It is fascinating to see our work portrayed in such a visual and engaging way. Jo’s images give an instant insight to the complexity of human cells, and the challenges we face in trying to understand them in order to develop new treatments for diseases.”

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