DxONE is the first narrative film ever made about type 1 diabetes.

Synopsis: A family experiences ups and downs while coming to terms with their son’s diagnosis with type 1 diabetes. Told from the viewpoints of a father (Benjamin Busch- author of the acclaimed book DUST TO DUST and actor from “The Wire”) and his son (Nicholas Masucci), DxONE has been praised by the diabetes online community for its accurate portrayal of this life threatening disease.

The film premiered at the Rhode Island International Film Festival- widely acknowledged as one of the top film festivals in the United States.

“Heartfelt, honest, a must-see for families”
-Diabetes Forecast Magazine

“[DxONE] shook me down to my non-functioning islets.”
-Six Until Me

“More than capturing your heart, DxONE pierces your soul and makes you think. DxONE sets a new standard in educating people who don’t know what it is like to live with type 1 diabetes.”
-Tom Karlya, Diabetesdad in the diabetes community and VP of The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation

” ‘No force on earth could make his pancreas work again’ says Dan Masucci in [DxONE]. True, but what Masucci does do– with force– is help the world get inside the hearts and minds of the T1D family.”
– Moria McCarthy, Author of “The Everything Parent’s Guide to Children With Juvenile Diabetes” and “JDRF International Volunteer of the Year”

“DxONE is powerful. Anyone who has a child with Type 1 Diabetes will recognize this story. It’s difficult for others to understand family life with diabetes. When you see DxONE, you will want to share it as a means of educating and advocating.”
– Leighann Calentine, Author of “Kids First, Diabetes Second” and D-Mom Blog

“DxONE will touch the hearts of many. This advocacy project comes from a place that all T1 parents can understand.”
-Julie Colvin, T1 Mom, Advocate & Author of “A Cure for Emma”

“In his beautifully made film, Dan Masucci portrays the truth of life with type 1 diabetes. DxONE channels pain into art, and into advocacy. If you’re a person dealing with diabetes in some way, you’ll be amazed with the accuracy of DxONE. If you don’t know anything about Type 1 Diabetes, after you see the film, you’ll have a solid understanding of it.”
-Jessica Apple, ASweetLife.org

“I know the most cliché reaction to the movie is, ‘I laughed! I cried’… but for real, I did. A film made by people who are personally living with the hardships and worries of the story they are telling is bound to hit the right chords. It’s freaking awesome.”
-Kim Vlasnik, TextingMyPancreas.com

“It’s amazing to see how well DxONE captured the experience of parenting a child with T1. It was a little hard to watch sometimes, because it touched on such personal pain points that resonated so deeply with me as a T1 dad. DxONE captured the parental diabetes experience with a great amount of lucidity, accuracy and heart.”

“[DxONE is] heart wrenching and there should be more resources, learning opportunities and support available for parents when their child is diagnosed with something like this. DxONE gives the gift of valuable insight so people can gain knowledge about Type 1 Diabetes. You might just want to be prepared with some tissues when you watch it.”

“DxONE is a dramatized short film about a real situation of a father and his son who is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. The film, through excellent performers and Dan Masucci’s direction, relays a universal message to all citizens of the world that ‘Love for Life’ is hope for the future. The unpretentiousness of the filmmaker and his visual stylistics dealing with such a sensitive issue is commendable!”
-Vahid Vahed, Artistic Director CINEWEST


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