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DYING & DIABETES | Type I Tuesday!

Today I talk about a conversation that comes up WAY too often with people. Let’s remember to teach our kids that adults aren’t always right! We also need to show our kids that it’s important to step in and educate people when they are wrong. The differences between Type I and Type 2 Diabetes coming soon! Thanks for watching and supporting. Subscribe and join the Dreamflight Team!

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Diabetes Playlist: Watch from Day 1!

Our Heart Journey: Watch from Day 1!

My name is Amy. My husband Andy and I have three boys. I’m a SAHM and long time YouTube vlogger living in Minnesota. I post videos about: Motherhood, Type I Diabetes, Heart Defects / Tetralogy of Fallot / Residual VSD, Tag Videos, DITL’s, Reviews, Hauls, DIY Videos, Win or Fail Friday (Recipe from Pinterest), and Every Monday at 1pm EST I test out a new product in my series called Get It or Forget It!


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