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ELECTRIC MOBILE CLINIC - AMBULANCE / Medical Aid For the D.R. Congo (Solar Rechargeable). Medical Care.

The Provision of an ELECTRIC MOBILE CLINIC – AMBULANCE (Solar Rechargeable) for Urgent Medical aid to the Congolese people.

Why, and how it all started: In late 2015, a partnership was formed between the Anti Sugar Association + Alternative Research Center (ASA+ ARC) and with the Center for Critical Interdisciplinary Studies (CCIS) with the vision of launching an humanitarian research project for the D.R. Congo, and resulted in providing Congo with an ELECTRIC MOBILE CLINIC – AMBULANCE (Solar Rechargeable) for Urgent Medical aid to the Congolese people. Wherefore we seek funds.

Combining ASA + ARC’s experience with medical practice, and on the ground contacts in the Democratic Republic of Congo and together with CCIS’s R&D know-how we are developing an Electric Solar Powered Mobile Clinic – Ambulance, including public training programs to facilitate the clinic’s operation and grassroots replication.

The D.R. Congo is in need of Medical Care, in need of Ambulances, and the Electric Solar Rechargeable Mobile Clinic Ambulance in a country highly affected by the globalization of sugar consumption and modernist agricultural practice that does little to support to the wellbeing of the local inhabitants is an absolute aid. The partnership between our two organizations uniquely positions us to not only administer critical, time-sensitive, life-saving care but also explore innovation in the interface of technology and social systems by empowering citizens at the grassroots level of society to take control of their own health and wellness.

The primary capability of the clinic will be wound care, and administration of diabetes and malaria medicines, but the professionally trained medics operating the clinics will also have the capability to administer life-saving treatments!!!

The 100% Electric Mobile Clinic – Ambulance, (fully solar-powered capability) is a designed vehicle to overcome common challenges in the region such as infrequent access to fuel and will be a 4 x 4 vehicle for the difficult motorable roads.

Because geopolitical conditions are unpredictable (both globally and in the D.R. Congo), the current budget and timeline should be taken as a working draft towards achievement, practicalities in the fields, unforeseeable situations may arise and so the budget will be adapted accordingly.

The money raised will serve for two purposes:

1) Enable our operations staff to raise the additional money towards our budget during the 1st April event. (Press release + Invitation of Philanthropic organizations and everyone evolved).

2) Begin initial construction of the Electric solar-powered Ambulance – Clinic, followed with the many associated public training programs.

Our First step is to host a formal fund-raising banquet in Vancouver on April 1st, and to do a press release, at which point we plan to have raised at least $50,000 for start-up operations and initial developments.

We count on your support to help us get the necessary funds for the event of 1st April, so that the people in D.R Congo, can enjoy soon the electric mobile clinic, enabling medical treatments. “your contribution will provide medical treatment to the Congolese, with the Electric Mobile Clinic – Ambulance and make it manifest”!

Your donation and support will be listed in our event program, in all organizational communications about the Electric mobile clinic, and, if you choose, you will be fully included in future explorations by ASA + ARC and CCIS.

Stay updated with the fundraising campaign to learn about rewards for various levels of donations, ongoing research and development, as well as any funding outside that we may receive.

We welcome philanthropic organizations, the public, organizations and companies, to sponsor and to evolve to make this manifest.

We invite also other academics and Universities to join us, “To provide help and assistance for the manifestation of this electric solar rechargeable mobile clinic, to provide medical aid to the Congolese people”!!!

Any questions, please feel free to mail to: info@antisugarassociation.org

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