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Elevator Pitch #4: Anton Scheurink, genomineerd voor docent van het jaar 2015

Prof. A.J.W. Scheurink (1959), Neuroendocrinology, is a member of the Centre for Behaviour and Neurosciences. He studied Biology at the University of Groningen, and also gained his PhD here (with distinction in both cases). He returned to Groningen after working as a postdoc in Seattle.

Scheurink loves to talk about the practical implementation of theory and developments in the fields of energy balance, diabetes, obesity and anorexia nervosa. He occasionally invites a ‘real’ patient to come to his lecture to help explain such issues. Scheurink’s narrative style fascinates his listeners. ‘You see that he knows what he is talking about, and he welcomes questions from students. He is 100% disposed to helping his students.’ He places his lectures on Nestor, so that students can run through the presentation again if they wish. In addition, he installs links to extra information on Nestor so that students can obtain a better understanding of the subject matter. Examination criteria are made clear at the beginning of the lectures, and the exams dovetail well with the lectures. Finally, for the Orientation on International Scientific Careers course unit, which Scheurink coordinates, he has many useful contacts with colleagues and companies. Within the framework of this subject, Master’s Degree students make study trips to several international firms.

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