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Embrace every moment

You are a unique creation of a Divine Creator. You are worth loving; you have the ability to give and receive love.

Early on in my life, I survived 10 years of childhood abuse, which left me vulnerable to years of domestic violence, and then being assaulted by a co-worker.

I’m now a single mommy, with my mommy, seven children, my brother and 2 dogs, living in the United States of America.

In 2014, a simple cold left me fighting for my my life. Afterward, I diagnosed with Acquired Gitelmans Syndrome, Foreign Accent Syndrome (after a T.I.A.) Hypermobility Syndrome, Ehler’s Danlos and P.O.T.S

I was physically healthy growing up, with only really small issues of joint pain. I was a cheerleader, pageant queen, and was training to do a half marathon. Suddenly, at age 42, I got a virus, which onset a kidney infection, and life went from healthy to fighting for life, within a matter of weeks.

I make these videos to bring awareness to Autism, Hypermobility, EDS, Crohn’s Disease, PTSD, Diabetes type 1, Post Concussion Syndrome, domestic violence, spiritual abuse, and how our family’s faith, helps us endure and thrive.

God does not make you suffer. You are loved; a unique creation of a Divine Creator.
Pain is inevitable; suffering doesn’t have to be your destiny. You matter, and your journey is not in vain.
The joy of the Lord is strength.
Don’t Let the Challenge Dictate the Course.

Love, love, love



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