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Epidermoids, Popaholics, Diabetes & Punch Excision!

In this video you see a punch excision of a fistula from Dallas Dermatology at 0:09. Check out that page here: https://www.youtube.com/user/AllStarBoxOffice

Then you see a diabetic foot ulcer at 0:39. Here is what we know about that “52 year old diabetic male presented to clinic after missing his appointment for 3 months. Patient has history of Charcot and is completely neuropathic. Ulcer probes to bone and tunnels into deep compartment both proximally and distally. Malodor was noted as well as purulent discharge. Crepitant cellulitis was suspected. Patient advised to go to ER, but refused even tho he was warned that this could become life threatening.”

Brant Riner’s epidermoid cyst starts at 1:15. At 2:00 we see an interesting case of cellulitis and that is followed by blackheads!

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