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ESO Templar Healer build for One Tamriel [The Battery]

Here’s the latest info on ESO PvE Templar Healer build for One Tamriel [The Battery]. The build is designed for dungeons or trials not PvP.

Table of Contents
01:00 – Skills
18:33 — Gear
27:21 — Champion Points
32:51 — Healing in Combat

The Battery Healing Templar Links
• Written Build – http://deltiasgaming.com/eso-templar-healer/
• Skills Link – http://deltiasgaming.com/eso-templar-healer/#Skills
• Gear Picture – http://deltiasgaming.com/eso-templar-healer/#Gear
• Champion Point Layout -http://deltiasgaming.com/eso-templar-healer/#Champion

Game: Elder Scrolls Online ESO TESO TES
ESO Patch 2.6.8 One Tamriel Updated 12
Character: Never-Skips-Legs, Argonian Templar Healer

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