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ESO White Gold Tower Molag Kena Hard Mode PoV Healer

Welcome to one of the hardest fights in the game for ESO Imperial City, Molag Kena Hard Mode.

This video shows the Healers Point of View and mechanics for the White Gold Tower final boss. I will have the full dungeon guide out later, but wanted this video to be a type of trailer for my Batter Healer build releasing soon. Enjoy!

Build video will be updated soon, hang in there please.

Attributes – https://youtu.be/h-01qzYptec
Keybinds and controls – https://youtu.be/5gqUx8zU08w
Champ Point tips -https://youtu.be/OG-kV4m-jzM
Addons – https://youtu.be/fzypQP2RYm4

Game: Elder Scrolls Online ESO TESO TES
Event: White Gold Tower Hardmode Fight
Champion Points: 603
ESO Patch 2.4
TwitchTV: http://www.twitch.tv/deltiasgaming
Website: http://deltiasgaming.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/deltiasgaming


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