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EVMS Diabetes Awareness Night with the Norfolk Admirals

More than 175,000 people suffer from diabetes in Hampton Roads, giving the region the highest diabetes-related mortality rate in the state. And many people do not even know they have diabetes. To combat this statistic, students, faculty and staff from the Eastern Virginia Medical School Strelitz Diabetes Center gave free diabetes screenings to hockey fans at the Scope Arena on Saturday night. While the Norfolk Admirals beat the Binghamton Senators, EVMS helped beat diabetes–one test and two thunder sticks at a time. To learn more, visit www.evms.edu/diabetesrisk. To watch EVMS patient stories about diabetes and more, visit http://youtu.be/Me59us4bPCc?list=PL9ZDFDp9CGyTWP6qkNvFeuVYhWUSAdF0g.

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