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EYE/SIGHT, excerpt 1

This is the first of five EYE/SIGHT excerpts – each simulates the installation described below.

Elizabeth Goldring and I created an interactive video installation, “EYE/SIGHT”, featuring a live camera and two-channel (one small screen set into a larger screen) video display.

When a viewer sat in an “examination” chair, he/she was able to peer into a camera lens that was set to insert a close-up image of a his/her eye into the video mix. The inner video screen showed edited footage of Elizabeth’s diagnostic eye exams, and the outer video screen showed video footage of retinal images until a viewer sat in the chair, at which point the outer screen switched to a live video image of the viewer’s own eye. Audio from the diagnostic footage is projected into the space, but when a viewer puts on a set of available headphones, the ambient audio is muted, and the voice of Elizabeth speaking poems from her Eye Journals can be heard.

“EYE/SIGHT” was exhibited in the 1990 “Options” show at the Washington Project for the Arts (WPA), as well as in exhibitions in New York and Germany.

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