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Facial Hair because We Care informational video


Facial hair because we care is a student run charity created to help raise money for people with diabetes. The purpose of this charity is to get kids excited for raising money by having them do it in a fun and appealing way. The way in which we propose to do this is by taking the popular trend of “No Shave November” and turning it into an activity that could be used to help raise donations for the fight against diabetes. What is “No Shave November”? I’m glad you asked! “No Shave November” is an event in which for the whole month of November, both adults and teenagers do not shave at all. We chose to raise money for diabetes because the month of November is diabetes month and we wanted to raise awareness towards this disease that unfortunately affects many kids and adults throughout the world.

There are three ways you can help raise money for this great cause:

1. We will have pre-selected teachers who have agreed to participate and if a certain amount of money is raised towards them, they will take part in the event. Ex: If $30 is donated towards Mr.Cascio from students and/or teachers, then he will participate in “No Shave November”.

2. People will raise money from “sponsors”, and if they can raise at least $10, they will be given a bracelet saying they are participating in the event “No Shave November”.

3. You can simply donate money during your lunch periods.

Additionally, at the end of November there will be two contests between everyone who grew out his or her beard. There will be four judges who vote on, A) The longest/biggest beard, and, B) The coolest design in the beard (this design should be made at the very end of the month right before the contest.) The winner of these two contests will each be rewarded with a prize.

There will also be a separate raffle prize contest going on in which everyone can partake in. For every $5 you donate you get a raffle ticket. At the end of the month a ticket will be drawn and the winner will win the prize.

Thank you to everyone participating and donating for Facial Hair Because We Care. It is greatly appreciated and if you have any questions see Steve Merkouris, Will Catalanello, Christian Tirone, or Aaron Berley.


This video was directed edited and filmed by Christian Tirone

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