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Fast Cash - Become A Test Subject

For years now College and University Students have been making money by becoming a subject of study for Doctors, Scientists and even major corporations.

Such studies can be over the phone, in-house clinic trials or even by just participating in focus groups.

This same opportunity is available to all who wish to participate and can be a great source of income to help you and your family survive a financial need or crises.

What are Focus Groups?:

When you join a Focus Group, you are working normally with a group of like people who are under a study by a market research company on a particular subject, a consumer product or even providing your opinion on a movie!

You are paid for your time and opinion! It may take from 30 minutes to hours in some cases, but the pay can run from $25.00 to hundreds of dollars!

Some of the top Focus Groups are:

Fieldwork Inc. – Offers opportunities if you are a resident of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle.

Plaza Research – Offers opportunities if you are a resident of Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, LA, New York, Philly, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Tampa and Las Vegas

MATRIX Research – Offers opportunities if you are a resident of Chicago – New York – Washington, DC – Atlanta – Miami – Dallas – Seattle – San Francisco – Los Angeles

Yahoo! User Research Panel – That?s right! Yahoo has its own research program and you can receive $100.00 or more, depending on the type of research! http://promo.yahoo.com/user_research/

What is becoming a study subject?:

Such studies range from a simple telephone call to intensive in-house treatment at a medical facility. Each study has its own requirements and will require you to be over 18. Studies can be as simple as a few hours of your time to several days or even weeks to complete a study.

Typically the average participate is paid $100 to $1,000?s for their time!

I highly recommend Clinical Trials and Clinical Connection as your search tools in locating clinical studies by area and type of study.

Some examples of what you will find are:

West Coast Clinical Trials is seeking Healthy Volunteers for a Research Study who are 18 to 55 years old and are male. Compensation up to $1075.

Covance is doing a study on Rectal Health and Sexual Behavior. You must be a non-smoker for at least 6 months, be willing to make overnight stays and be 18 to 50 in age. Participants will receive all study-related exams and investigational medication at no cost and may receive up to $4,100 for time and participation.

Radiant Research is seeking Healthy Volunteers for a medical device research study. If you are age 45 and older -or- age 18 to 44 with 2 or more risk factors for diabetes, you may qualify for participation in a clinical research study testing the accuracy of an investigational medical device. Compensation of up to $80 is available to those who qualify.

As you can see extra money can be found by participating in focus groups or clinic trials.

To your success, Ozark Mike

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