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Fast Weight loss the easy way without diet? My journey begins

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Fast Weight loss the easy way without diet ? My journey begins
I went to the doctor the other day. For no particular reason!
Just the annual checkup. Boy, I was in for a surprise.
It seems I’m obese my cholesterol went through the roof and I’m borderline diabetic.
well I consider myself slightly overweight I try to exercise as much as possible, that is not very much, and I’m stressed out as much as the next guy.
I tried to keep diets, not very successful,I started running but then I quit and gain weight again and on top of that I’m not so young anymore.

So with all these issues, I asked my doctor what should I do. I was bracing myself for a long list of medicines, pills and all sort of chemicals. the doctor said lose weight, keep diet, be more active. well this time it was a close call but nevertheless easier said than done.
I knew I needed something to help me. So I went online and started search for the usual phrases how to lower your cholesterol, how to lose weight and so on . And of course I found a lot of recommendations by the famous dr. Oz
One in particularly caught my attention. The product was, natural, was was backed by a scientific study, had great reviews from users all over the world and it worked with or without diets or exercise. And I’m talking about the green coffee bean extract

The study I’m referring to was published in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity. It raised some prominent eyebrows in 2012 when it found that green coffee bean extract helped 16 obese patients lose weight. They lost a lot of weight too – averaging close to 17 pounds each, that is around 8 kilos. Percentage-wise, they lost an average 10.5% of total body weight, and 16% body fat.Those results got noticed by folks in health circles like Dr. Oz, who conducted a follow-up study.
And guess what? The people in the Dr. Oz study achieved weight loss too!
How this is possible. Because of the Chlorogenic acid . Chlorogenic acid is the chemical compound in coffee beans that burns fat. High temperatures, like those involved in roasting, kills the compound, but green coffee beans are unroasted, hence they are high in chlorogenic acid.
Heeyy great news! So I started to search for the best green been coffee suplement. And I found it: Chlorogen 800
Chlorogen 800 is a green coffee bean extract supplement. The product is designed for visible weight loss and has similar specifications to the supplement used in a 2012 study, When i say ‘similar specifications’ I mean that it has 50% chlorogenic acid and is dosed between 700mg and 1200mg a day. It also has No Fillers or Artificial Ingredients
Finally, Chlorogen 800 guarantees the product for 60 days. That’s two months, compared to just 30 days for many products, and a good sign that the company is confident the product will work.
I’m waiting to lose two to four pounds a month with little to no diet changes with Chlorogen 800, because it is similar to the supplement used in the 2012 study.That translates to visible pounds lost in the first month, with little effort on my part and more dramatic results if I put work into
And voila, we’re on the road to convenient fat burning – assuming you buy a green coffee bean supplement with at least 50% chlorogenic acid, like Chlorogen 800.
Now click the link bellow to get access to Chlorogen 800 and start to loose weight
What to Look For in a Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement
Choose At Least 45% Chlorogenic Acid – Less than this and your weight loss will probably be minimal, if it happens at all.
No Fillers or Artificial Ingredients – Green coffee bean extract is magic. That’s what you’re paying for – not the fillers and questionable ingredients that often pop up in products. They shouldn’t be there, and if a product does not list all of its ingredients, or if it has anything other than ‘green coffee bean extract’, take a pass.
Don’t Fall For ‘Pure’ – Chlorogenic typically shows up as Svetol, GCA or GCE. Look for those descriptions on the product label – and lean closer to GCE – before purchase. Avoid products without them. Even if it says ‘pure’.
Do you really want to maximize your weight loss with green coffee bean extract? Try Chlorogen 800.
Here’s why. Look at the label too – GCE (short for green coffee extract) is right on there, and at 800mg. That’s good news, because the study participants who took green coffee bean at higher doses tended to lose more weight.
Video Reviews TV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiDNxVQL9pMCFagyeYArmhw

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