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first automatic insulin pump for diabetics MiniMed 670g

FDA MiniMed 670g: first automatic insulin pump for diabetics.

The MiniMed 670g Medtronic company is a device that monitors blood sugar levels to below inject insulin dose necessary at all times. From now on any US person with type 1 diabetes over 14 years you can buy and use this solution. People affected by diabetes do not produce enough insulin, and to solve the problem must be constantly measuring their levels to then inject the doses needed all manually according to the results of each measurement. Carelessness when monitor or inject insulin can end up being very serious.

With the MiniMed 670g that monitoring is performed automatically every 5 minutes, and as indicated in the FDA this allows to offer Type 1 diabetics more freedom to live their lives without having to monitor constantly and manually glucose levels then administered insulin. The device consists of a sensor attached to the skin and is responsible for measuring glucose levels, a pump and also adheres the catheter to inject insulin. In the final test the 123 participants did not report any serious adverse effect on those people. The product will be available in the spring of 2017, and may be an important step in making this disease can be effectively sobrellevada easier for sufferers.
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