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First Ever Cure For Diabetes

The first ever Cure for the deadly disease named as Diabetes or High Blood Sugar has recently been invented in India. The invention is demonstrated in the documentary here by the Inventor himself. Such an invention is a great gift to humanity. The Cure is a brain-child of an Indian Inventor, Mr. Abhijit Naskar.

Diabetes Mellitus has so long been thought to be an incurable disease. People with this disorder, would have to take medications their whole life along with a restricted diet to keep their blood sugar level in control. It has been tyrannizing mankind for ages. A person having a fasting glucose level under 100 mg/dl is considered as normal, 100-126 mg/dl is pre-diabetic and a fasting glucose level above 126 mg/dl is diabetic. For two long years, Mr. Naskar has worked individually on making the wish of millions of a cure for this deathly disease, a reality.

The cure is a portable electronic device which compels the Central Nervous System to start working on the regeneration of the pancreatic cells and the receptor cells that are responsible for regulating blood sugar level. To put it simply, the malfunctions inside the human body that are the causes of diabetes, get cured and those defective cells start working normally again. It is administered from outside of the body. Consequently, a person with a Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar level), no more has it high, and gets transformed into a normal human being, who could eat and drink any sweetness he/she wants. He/she needs not to take any more medicines. This device doesn’t just make the blood sugar level normal, it CURES Diabetes ( both Type – I & II ) completely not to come back again. It is a CURE, not just control. Naskar has named his invention as MIRACURALL.

Anybody who wants to learn more about Miracurall or have any other query may contact the inventor. Contact details are given below. Voluntary administration of the device conducted by the inventor has been a true success. Mr. Naskar holds a patent for his invention, Miracurall. This device is the first ever cure for Diabetes in the whole world and perhaps one of the most important footsteps towards a better, peaceful and diabetes-free future.

At present, many people around the world are using Miracurall and getting their diabetes free life back. More details on the device could be found on the official webpage of Miracurall given below.


Email: diabetesfreeworld@outlook.com
Contact: +91 9836133624

MIRACURALL – The Cure For Diabetes Mellitus
Invented by Abhijit Naskar, Research Scientist


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