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Foods to Avoid When You Have Type 2 Diabetes - Manage Diabetes

Insomnia, even if one night can also affect blood sugar levels; But sleeping much the same cause the same. According to a report in the journal Medicalnewstoday, a study of 9,000 people found that people who slept more than nine hours a day had a 50% increased risk of diabetes. The cause is because sleep, brain and organs in the body less active so easily cause obesity. Obesity is a cause of diabetes. In addition, a study by British scientists also said that people who regularly sleep at risk for developing type 2 diabetes 26%. Researchers say there is a link between dormant and diabetic, who sleep less often at night due to lack of sleep and less physical activity, leading to increased obesity rates. That means the risk of diabetes also increases.
Lose Weight Fast.
If you are overweight, weight loss is a very important factor for managing diabetes, but if you lose weight under severe regimen, it will be counterproductive. According to medical experts, depending on the health status and level of diabetes of each person that choose the method of weight loss for safety. As recommended, people with mild or severe diabetes should limit starchy foods.

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