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Forest Hills, NY Podiatrist - Tetyana Boreesenko, MD, DPM, AACFAS

Dr. Tetyana Boreesenko discusses the symptoms, causes and treatments for bunions including a cosmetically pleasing invasive surgical approach.


Bunions and hammertoes are the most common foot deformities. They are often painful, unsightly, and significantly limit the choice of shoes a patient can wear. A bunion is an enlarged bone on the side of the big toe that is angled outward. A hammertoe is a painful contracted toe with limited mobility, often with a corn present on the joint and causing discomfort. Bunions and hammertoes are progressive disorders, which means they will get worse if left untreated. A surgical correction is often recommended to alleviate pain and restore normal mobility of the foot.

Why Family Footcare and Surgery?

Although many podiatrists can perform surgery on common foot conditions to restore normal foot mobility and alleviate pain, cosmetic results of such surgeries are often unsatisfactory. Traditionally, incisions for bunion and hammertoes correction are placed on top of the toes, leaving highly visible scars, thus limiting the choice of shoes even after a surgery.

At Family Footcare and Surgery we pay special attention to the visual appearance of the foot following surgical procedures. By placing the incision on the side of the foot, using a single incision for multiple hammertoes, and utilizing a special suturing technique, Dr. Boreesenko is able to virtually eliminate visible scarring. Our patients not only enjoy relief from painful conditions but are thrilled with the cosmetic results of the surgery.

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