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Free Diabetes Book - Understanding Diabetes Book

Free Diabetes Book – Understanding Diabetes Book

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Everyone uses food for energy and growth but a metabolic disorder called diabetes stops this from happening. To maintain our energy levels glucose is moved around the blood stream to the cells and muscles etc.

As the main source of fuel for the body, glucose must get to where it is needed but diabetes stops this process from happening. As more and more glucose remains in the bloodstream blood glucose or blood sugar levels can rise too high.

==> Get a Free Diabetes Book worth $60 on Managing Diabetes Here

Information in this article is regarding the two major types of the condition. Mainly affecting children and young adults, type 1 or juvenile onset diabetes occurs when insulin production stops completely,affected individuals or diabetics must take insulin daily to survive.

The body uses insulin to ensure the glucose can be used by the body which in turn converts into energy.

The second type is called adult onset diabetes and happens later in life,this is caused when the insulin is either not being produced in sufficient quantities or there is a problem in its use, however a careful diet plan can usually treat the condition.

We all eat foods that are rich in energy which the body uses to convert into sugar for energy like pasta, potatoes, bread, rice and fruit.

Many health conditions can be caused by long term high blood sugar levels including: poor vision, heart complaints, problems with the kidneys and in some cases even limb amputation.

The importance of managing your diabetes condition cannot be underestimated and with a disciplined approach these serious conditions can be improved,a number of the conditions will actually get better while others will be slowed down.

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It is possible to live a relatively normal life provided you stick to the plan laid out by your doctor,giving up smoking, keep you blood glucose and cholesterol levels stable as well as well as other blood fats are just some of the aspects that require special attention.

Apart from this, your blood pressure and weight should not go above the limits your doctor advised.

Diabetes once recognized in the sufferer will be with them for the rest of their lives. In the United States there are reports of it affecting over two and a half percent of the population.

However, it is estimated that about the same number of people again have the condition,around 600,000 US citizens contract this condition each year so you can see the problem is serious.

The free diabetes book offered above will give you lots of information on diabetes and answer all your questions.

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