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Gestational Diabetes Diet Plan

Gestational diabetes is one of the diabetes which is found during the pregnancy. It is during the pregnancy that the insulin becomes higher and causes difficulty for deliveries. During the pregnancy it is done as it will be helpful to both the mother and the child.

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Gestational diabetes is the diabetes that is found for the first time during pregnancy. It can be defined as carbohydrate intolerance of variable severity with onset during pregnancy. Diabetes means the blood sugar is too high. Among 1000 pregnant women three to eight are affected with this disease. The body produces the glucose which is good for your body but too much of glucose production is not good or it is harmful to body. When it occurs during the pregnancy then it harms the baby which is growing in the uterus.

This gestational diabetes occurs mainly during the pregnancy and disappears after delivery. The test of this gestational diabetes is done during the 24th or 28th week of pregnancy. This disease does not occur to all the pregnant women and it also does not cause any life threatening as the symptoms are mild. The increase in the maternal glucose makes the risk for the baby that includes size at birth, birth trauma, low blood sugar, jaundice and sometimes the fetus also dies with in the womb. This can be control and completely cured with the treatment of herbal and natural supplements

The causes for this diabetes are the changes that take place in the women body during pregnancy. There is a change in the hormones and weight gain which are the part of healthy pregnancy. But when this change takes place then it makes difficult for the body to take up the hormones called insulin.

It can be controlled if the woman maintains the blood sugar levels during her pregnancy and it reduces the risk to the baby during the delivery. The risk factors are if you are:
older enough for pregnant
unexplained death of your fetus in the past
previous baby weighing less than 9 pounds
birth defect in previous child and recurred infections
if a family background of diabetes
if an African American, America Indian, Asian American
if you are overweight
if your previous baby weighed only 9 pounds
if you are referred to be as predicaments before you got pregnant.

The gestational check up is done by the physician according to the need. The physician or the health care taker will recommend for the gestational diabetes test to check the glucose level in the blood. The blood glucose level may be checked at your first visit after your conformation as pregnant. If it is normal then it will be checked sometimes during the 24th or 28th week of pregnancy.

Some of the symptoms that are founded for this gestational diabetes are:
Increased thirst
Increased urination
Weight loss in spite of weight gain
Nausea and vomit
Frequent infection including those of bladder, vaginal or skin.
Blurred vision

So it is an urge need to control the glucose level during the pregnancy is to keep the fetus healthy and have a healthy safe delivery. There should be frequent check ups during pregnancy as it would be helpful for the close monitoring of the fetus and the mother. The self check or self monitoring helps the women to keep her fit and away from this gestational diabetes. There should be frequent tests of the fetus its growth and well being so that there is no problem in the delivery. The health care provider checks the heart beat of your baby and the moment so that whether the baby is well doing or not.

During pregnancy it’s an urge need to maintain dietary management provided by the health care provider to have adequate nutrients, proteins, and calories in the diet you daily intake. So to have a control of this gestational diabetes it is an urge need that there should be planned meal, physical activities and insulin’s or medications if needed.

The planned meal consists of limited sweets, three small meals and three snacks per day, have a care about the intake of the carbohydrates that is when it is needed, should include fiber in the meals that is fresh vegetables or fruits, grains, cereals and other healthy food. Physical activity consists of swimming, walking, some easy asanas which are good at pregnancy and the exercises suggested by your health care provider. Some women need insulin though there meal is planned or have a physical activity. So this will be provided by the health care provider.

For most of the women this gestational diabetes goes away after delivery. This can be checked after 6 to 12 weeks of the delivery. But you should be careful enough when your gestational diabetes disappears after your delivery. But it has a chance to occur when your get second pregnancy or this can also turn to diabetes type 2 in the future.

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