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Gestational Diabetes Diet Sample

The condition when a woman who normally doesn’t have high levels of glucose becomes diabetic when she gets pregnant is called gestational diabetes. This rare condition occurs to about 5 percent of pregnant women in the entire world.

The pregnant woman is given a gestational diabetes diet plan in order to keep her blood sugar levels in check. The blood sugar levels are to be check and monitored in order to avoid any complications during her delivery of the baby. High levels of glucose are dangerous for a pregnant woman and her unborn child.

A hormone that the body produces in order to normalize blood sugar levels is called insulin. When a person becomes diabetic, this means that the body is not reacting or not producing to the insulin it needs. The cells couldn’t properly convert the sugar in the blood to the energy it needs.

Gestational diabetes is a mild kind of diabetes. It can easily be controlled and moderated with the proper diet. In rare cases insulin make be required in order to lower blood sugar levels.

Physicians world recommend a gestational diabetes diet plan so that it wouldn’t reach the point where one has to inject insulin to lower her blood sugar. The right gestational diabetes diet plan would give you a draft of food you can eat without losing any necessary vitamins and nutrients that you would need every day.

Below is a sample gestational diabetes diet plan that you could use every day. The reason for a small minimal amount of food per meal is to control the number of carbohydrate intake of the pregnant mother, since it is much easier to control small amounts of glucose in small meals than one big breakfast with lots of carbohydrates combined.


• When morning comes blood sugar is typically low. A pregnant woman should start with a small high protein meal. A whole grain toast and a glass of milk or low calorie yogurt would be a nice complement to this.

Breakfast Snack

• Vegetable sticks (for example carrot sticks) dipped with a low calorie dip. Served together with small servings of fruits or cottage cheese and whole wheat crackers.


• Vegetable salad or a whole grain pasta

Afternoon Snack

• Vegetable or fruit juice together with a whole grain bagel with a dash of cheese


• A whole grain chicken wrap together with a vegetable salad. This could be combined with a sugar free cookie

Midnight Snack

• Apple or whole grain muffin

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