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Gestational Diabetes - overview with Dr Apsimo.mp4

This is a basic overview of gestational diabetes, using my favorite mnemonic “Dr Apsimo.”

Dr Apsimo stands for.

Risk Factors
Symptoms and Signs

How I think Dr Apsimo can be used to learn a disease (for example) effectively:

First Define the disease.

Then identify risk factors, relate these risk factors to the aetiology (how the disease comes about). Then look at the pathophysiology of the disease. Relate this pathophysiology to the common symptoms and signs of the disease. Then what investigations should be prompted by these signs and symptoms, include here differential diagnosis and how the investigations will weight one diagnosis over overs. Now after proper investigation comes management, look at the management on what you are doing, relate management to the “RAPS” in dr apsimo. Finally review outcomes comparing with treatment versus without treatment.


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