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Get more info about/The symptoms of type 2 diabetes/Statesboro GA/Checking Blood Sugar in a Child

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JDRF has led the search for a cure for T1D since our founding in 1970. In those days, people commonly called the disease “juvenile diabetes” because it was frequently diagnosed in, and strongly associated with, young children. Our organization began as the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Later, to emphasize exactly how we planned to end the disease, we added a word and became the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.Today, we know an equal number of children and adults are diagnosed every day—approximately 110 people per day. Thanks to better therapies—which JDRF funding has been instrumental in developing and making available—people with T1D live longer and stay healthier while they await the cure. So a few years ago, we changed our name to JDRF: Juvenile Diabetes Reseach Foundation. Full list of Video Credits is stored here http://broadcaster.beazil.net/public/credits/youtube/videos/185785 Health Care and Social Assistance comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing health care by diagnosis and treatment, providing residential care for medical and social reasons, and providing social assistance, such as counselling, welfare, child protection, community housing and food services, vocational rehabilitation and child care, to those requiring such assistance.Excluded from this sector are aerobic classes in Amusement, Gambling, and Recreation Industries and nonmedical diet and weight reducing centers in Personal and Laundry Services. Although these can be viewed as health services, these services are not typically delivered by health practitioners. Type 1 diabetes (T1D) kills the body’s beta cells that produce insulin which gives us the energy we need for everyday life. JDRF’s vision, the Beta Cell Restoration Program, will not only stop the autoimmune attack but also return the number of beta cells to a normal level. JDRF is developing vaccines that will re-train the immune system to eliminate autoimmunity and leave the beta cells alone. Type 1 diabetes (‪T1D‬) can occur in anyone—not just kids. If you or an adult you know has recently been diagnosed with T1D, check out the JDRF T1D Care Kit, a free resource containing information and tools to educate, support and inspire newly diagnosed adults. Knowing how diabetes affects your body can help you prevent diabetic complications from developing. If your blood glucose level is too high or too low, you may not feel well. It is very important to keep your blood glucose level in a target range. People with T1D must take insulin several times a day to keep their blood glucose under control. Many of the effects of diabetes come from the same guilty parties. They are high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and lack of blood glucose control. When undiagnosed or uncontrolled, the effects of diabetes on the body can be noticed by the classic symptoms of diabetes. In 1801, George Sibbald of Augusta donated a 9,301-acre (37.64 km2) tract for a centrally located county seat for the growing agricultural community of Bulloch County. It was developed for large cotton plantations, worked by slave labor. In December 1803, the Georgia legislature created the town of Statesborough. In 1866 the state legislature granted a permanent charter and changed the spelling of the name to its present form of Statesboro. During the Civil War and General William T. Sherman’s famous march to the sea, a Union officer asked a saloon proprietor for directions to Statesboro. JDRF is the world’s leading charitable funder of type 1 diabetes research and raise money to drive world class research. We aim to find new ways to treat type 1 diabetes and its complications, prevent type 1 from developing and find the cure for people who already have the condition. JDRF’s research mission is to discover, develop, and deliver advances that cure, better treat, and prevent T1D. As the global leader in the fight against T1D, JDRF’s research programs are comprehensive – addressing the hopes and dreams of every person with T1D for the best quality of life and a cure for this disease.
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