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Get Real Health's Robin Wiener Shares Her 'Working Woman' on ABC7

In this “Working Woman” interview with WJLA’s Alison Starling, Robin discusses how the devastation of Hurricane Katrina led her, along with partners Mark Heaney and Jason Harmon, to create Get Real Health as a way to provide patients with technology to monitor their health. A turning point for her was this past summer when her own 11 year old son was unexpectedly diagnosed with Type I diabetes. By using Get Real Health’s InstantPHR™ tools to monitor his blood sugar, she could easily track his levels in real time. “All of a sudden,” she says, “it was not just for somebody else. It was for me and it was for him. It hit home just how important InstantPHR™ is.”

Robin has never forgotten the struggles she had as a student and offers this sound advice, “Believe in yourself and know that you can accomplish anything with hard work and imagination.”
For more information about Wiener, Get Real Health or instantPHR, please visit www.getrealhealth.com.

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