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GirlTrek: When 1Million Black Women Walk (Extended Version)

What happens when 1Million Black Women, across the USA, start walking in their communities? Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison—co-founders of GirlTrek—plan to find out.

‘Black women in the US are facing an unprecedented health crisis. 82% of us are over a healthy body weight,’ says Vanessa. ‘Black women are dying from heart disease, diabetes, stroke, hypertension. It’s a crisis of epic proportions and yet nobody is talking about it.’

Morgan remembers teaching in Atlanta with Teach For America and hearing statistics that half of her black girl students are likely to develop diabetes ‘and I’m looking at a classroom full of black girls and I’m thinking ‘What the heck are we doing about it?’’

They founded GirlTrek, started walking in their neighborhood and invited others to join them. Two years later GirlTrek has grown into a movement of 35,000 neighborhood walkers across the country who have made a personal commitment to live their healthiest most fulfilled lives.

‘Our goal is to get to 1 million by 2018,’ says Morgan, ‘and we believe that if we get 1 million women out walking in their neighborhoods that they become the engine of ingenuity and innovation that we need to have a public health revolution in our country.’

Read full article http://withganas.org/2016/03/collective-action-girltrek/

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