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God Our Healer

I wanted to share a short poem with you that I wrote in May of 2009 as I pondered the different roles those in the “healing arena” have in our lives when our bodies have been ravaged by a deadly disease. In my case it was cancer, but cancer is no “greater”a disease than whatever you are journeying through physically at this time in your life. I trust this will encourage you and give you new hope and stamina for the journey you find yourself on.

God gave some among us a passion to research how God intricately created us. Careful, methodic research increases knowledge to treat disease and illness more effectively. Those passionate researchers share that knowledge with our physicians whom God gave the desire and ability to treat the human body. This knowledge constantly changes and grows which, in turn, makes practicing medicine a continually evolving science.

We, as patients, should honor those physicians, both conventional and alternative, whom God has gifted for they are studied and experienced in the ways of the human body. It is never wrong to seek a human physician’s help and perhaps, ultimately regain our health.

However, let us never lose sight of the Great Physician. God, the Father, who created us and formed us in our mother’s womb, is a God of miracles. Pray and trust for a miracle. Your miracle may not come in the form of physical healing… it may be a mental and emotional healing. Allow God to grow you in ways you never thought possible before this disease invaded your body.

Source by Carin G Hansen

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