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Granuloma: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Granuloma is a collection of immune cells which are in a ball like structure. This is formed when our body natural defense system is trying to keep away alien substance by forming the wall, as it fails to eliminate the same. These could be microscopic organisms like bad bacteria, virus of fungus of some sort. This causes an inflammation sensation. This is a skin condition. There are many kinds of Granuloma; the classification of the same is based on the distribution and symptoms. Localized Granuloma, generalized Granuloma and severe Granuloma, Subcutaneous Granuloma are some classifications depending upon where the symptoms are surfacing and how sever these are.

This is another medical condition for which the actual cause is not determined. The people who have thyroid and diabetes are the two diseases associated with the Granuloma. However, there are people who have Granuloma but they are yet living a healthy life. Hence, the cause of the same cant be identified for sure. It is said that women are more likely to be affected by Granuloma than men. Also the young adults and the children can fall prey to the same easily.

The general symptoms that would surface in case of a person with Granuloma would be skin colored bumps, raised or reddish skin. Mostly these would start to appear on the hands and the arms. These might look like insect bites. There would be a ring like pattern which would be identical to that of the ringworm. These symptoms might or might not appear, it is also possible that these would surface and then would vanish for a long period before these could get visible again. Itching is quite common in case of people affected by Granuloma. In case such patterns appear and there is itching as well, it would be better to see a doctor rather than ignoring the same for weeks, hoping that it would go away on its own.

This might look like any other skin rash, it is only the doctor who can reveal if it is Granuloma or not. KOH test is the first recommended as the doctor would like to rule out the possibility of this being a fungal infection. For this a skin sample is taken and tested. Further, biopsy is also recommended to be sure that the person is affected by Granuloma. Doctors also go for blood test to ensure that the rash is not an allergy or reaction of another underlying medical concern.

Ones it is confirmed that it is Granuloma; the treatment is undertaken looking at the severity of the situation. In most of the cases, there is no treatment required as these would disappear with time. This might take few months to the maximum of two years. However, if the rash is paining or is bothering you in some way the doctor would recommend a treatment procedure, which could be and some kind of medication or even a light surgery. Corticosteroid creams and ointments; Corticosteroid injections and cryotherapy are some treatment procedures.

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