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Grayns Teaser Diabetes

The World’s First and Only Rice Cooker that takes the sugar out of rice.

Buy at http://www.lazada.com.my/rayma-solutions/
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The Grayns Rice Cooker cooks rice scientifically by automatically removing the excess unhealthy sugar content when it is cooked. Highly recommended by nutritionists and doctors for improving quality of life.

» Eat Rice without spiking your blood sugar
» Easier digestion and no more bloating
» No more sleepiness and lethargy
» Keeps you energetic and full longer
» Less sugar means slower ageing
» Tastes better, fluffier and at least 50% more volume when cooked
» Rice stays fresh longer.

1. Remove unhealthy RDS (Rapidly Digestible Starch) from rice at the touch of a button
2. Effectively lowers Glycemic load and calories in rice
3. Uncompromised hygiene and safety. 100% stainless steel for cooking interiors
4. Intuitive trackball graphic user interface for easy navigation
5. Multi-functionality to cook healthier pastas, potatoes, noodles and all types of healthy rice recipes
6. Memory feature to personalize your rice setting cooked exactly the way you like it
7. Breathtaking aesthetics to make a proud presence on your kitchen shelf.

» Capacity: 2 liters or 3 cups of raw rice. 3 cups of raw rice cooked in Grayns easily feeds 5 to 6 persons (the same quantity cooked in a conventional rice cooker would only feed 3 people. This is because Grayns rice undergoes complete gelatinization and expansion while each grain is separate thereby having 70% to 80% more volume after cooking)
» Voltage: 220 Volts 50 Hz, 350W
» Plug type: Malaysia/Singapore/UK
» Certification: CBE international, SIRIM

Buy at http://www.lazada.com.my/rayma-solutions/
Updates, “Like” https://www.facebook.com/MyRayma/


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