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Groin Abscess In Uncontrolled Diabetes Patient.

45 year male with uncontrolled diabetes (blood sugar 356 mg per dl ) presented with swelling in his right groin for 7 days . there is discharge from the swelling for one day. on examination found to have large , tender , cystic swelling near his right groin near scrotum at upper medial aspect of right thigh.
Pus discharge was there as it was already burst spontaneously.
This patient requires immediate control of blood sugar with insulin therapy. blood sugar charting, wide incision and drainage of groin abscess.
post operatively patient requires antibiotics coverage as per culture sensitivity study and daily dressing.
blood sugar control is eaasential with either insulin or oral diabetic drugs.
Diabetes patients should be very careful while taking bath, cleaning their private parts.
while taking bath, rubbing and cleaning should be gentle.
sometimes little aggressive cleaning and rubbing of private parts cause micro injuries which facilitates entry of skin organisms into that micro wound. this helps spread of infection with uncontrolled blood sugar aggravates the process.

So strict control of blood sugar is essential.


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