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Groundbreaking New Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes Patients

More than 70% of the 24 million Americans with Type 2 Diabetes don’t take their insulin out of their home. For dedicated clinicians like Physician’s Assistant and Certified Diabetes Educator, John Sink, watching these patients struggle with managing their diabetes has been a constant challenge. Existing delivery methods are painful, time consuming and negatively affect patients’ lifestyles. In 2012 Valeritas introduced V-Go – a revolution in Type 2 Diabetes care. It is a wearable, disposable insulin delivery device that allows delivery of both a background rate of insulin for 24 hours, and on-demand dosing at mealtimes. You apply the small adhesive device discreetly under your clothing, click a few buttons throughout the day and simply replace it every 24 hours. Join John Sink and one of his patients on The Balancing Act as they explain the revolutionary way this tiny device is giving patients their lives back while simultaneously delivering improved blood glucose numbers and A1C levels to patients.

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