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Guess Who’s Cleaning Their Plate?

It’s the way it was in households across America, families sat down to dinner and stayed until every plate was clean.

“Eating everything on your plate was expected. If it was made for you, you eat it. Even if you were full halfway through the meal, you would finish it,” says Brooks Peterson, who tries to eat healthy.

A generation was raised on that fill-up philosophy. It may be partly to blame for our widening waistlines and the associated health issues that go in hand.

“We’re seeing a rise in obesity, diabetes and all these other metabolic problems. So I think people just need to figure out what am I doing that’s really affecting my health and how can I make a significant turn around here,” says Dr. Sal Lacagnina, who is the vice president of health and wellness for Lee Memorial Health System.

Studies show the average adult eats 92% of what’s on their plate, even as food plates have gotten bigger. The upside is that younger people are giving some pushback. The 18 and under crowd eat on average 59% of what’s put in front of them.

“I really try to stay away from three big meals a day. I graze throughout the day,” says Peterson.

Brooks represents the younger generation. And they may teach their parents a thing or two. Experts say eating less is more.

“What we generally tell people is if you have a weight problem you want to eat something every few hours, a few hundred calories. What that accomplishes is you never get to a point where you’re actually hungry,” says Dr. Lacagnina.

Digesting these findings may help people lose weight, improve their eating habits and make better choices.

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