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Guide to New Food Pyramid - What is the difference from the old

  The food pyramid gives us an idea of what our bodies need food and lots of eating. Health officials have recently begun to rethink the food pyramid is a new food pyramid.

  The food pyramid indicates that the amount of food they should eat each day to stay healthy and food pyramid. Divide the five main groups of products bread and grain products, fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy products.

   Different food pyramid from each of these categories. For example, in the category of protein is all meat and poultry and eggs, beans and nuts. The guide recommends that portions of food pyramid to feed the men, women and children. Fats, oils and sweets are not a separate category, because the body needs only small amounts of petitesde them.

  Many people think that the food pyramid guide was developed in less than accurate research. A new food pyramid is being developed that have not changed the number of people that people need in their daily food pyramid diet. Are added to foods should be part of a healthy diet. They are:

  * Whole grains are the supply line to supply the body that food pyramid. Oatmeal, wheat bread and sound are excellent sources. The body has more difficulty diger whole grains, which is very useful for the treatment and prevention of diabetes.

  * Vegetable oil food pyramid approved the use of oil as unhealthy. Good sources of healthy fats are olive, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower, corn and peanut oils. It helps to reduce the rate dicolesterolo in the body.

  Diet rich in vegetables, vegetables helps prevent heart attacks.

  * Fish, Poultry and Eggs, a major source of animal protein instead of meat.

  Product milk or calcium supplement is made from milk and cheese.

  * A red meat and butter of the new food pyramid recommends eating these foods in moderation.

Vitamin this new food pyramid do not have all the essential elements of our food and we need to take supplements to ensure that all agencies have what they need.

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