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Harmful Dog Food Ingredients That Yorkie Owners Should Watch Out For

We all know that commercially produced foods contain ingredients that could harm our health in the long run, that’s why we take certain precautions when consuming them or avoid them completely. Being a Yorkie parent (or a dog parent in general), you should be equally concerned about what your pet eats. When buying dog food or treats, make it a habit to check the ingredients used in the product. It is best to opt for dog food that uses natural ingredients that won’t harm your pet’s health.

Here are some harmful ingredients that you should watch out for in dog food and treats:


Butylated-hydroxyanisole or BHA is a preservative used in both dog and human food to extend their shelf life by preventing the spoilage of the food’s oil and fats. However, the U.S. Department of Health as well as the Human Services National Toxicology Program found the ingredient to be both potent and dangerous, often producing tumors in laboratory animals. BHA has also been linked to cancer in both dogs and humans.


Soy is often found in low-quality dog food and treats as a filler to increase its protein content. Experts found that soy may be harmful to a dog’s endocrine system as it is estrogenic.

Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is commonly used in dog food and treats to add a sweet taste that dogs find delicious. It is addictive and unnecessary and too much consumption of this ingredient may lead to hyperactivity, weight gain and even more serious conditions such as diabetes and mental behavioural problems.

Meat By-Product

Meat by-products are the internal remains and other parts of beef, chicken, fish, lamb or turkey ground up into a mixture including eyes, beaks, feet, even feather and hair! Oftentimes the mixture will also include tumors as well as diseased animal organs and tissues.


Ethoxyquin is another toxic preservative commonly found in dog food and treats. It has been banned from use in human food in the past as it has been linked to cancer, but it is still being used today in dog food. Veterenarians have linked Ethoxyquin with blindness, kidney and liver damage, leukemia, immune deficiency syndrome and even cancer in dogs.

The next time you go shopping for your Yorkie’s food, or treats be sure to check the product label for questionable ingredients and don’t hesitate to ask the assistance of store employees.

Source by Mary L. James

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