HEALDi is a New York based company founded by a Health Educator and Psychologist, who has experienced the difficulties of navigating the U.S health care system. Often times we schedule appointments to see a health care provider and we don’t know how much is the cost for that visit or do not understand the hidden fees associated with the visit. A health care visit can become time consuming and frustrating when patients do not understand medical terminologies, referral processes, health insurers payments, etc. Thus, navigating a complex health care system. For people with diabetes and those with chronic diseases, these frustrations and difficulties are often much more difficult because of the additional care they need to monitor and manage their disease. This is why I founded HEALDi, which focuses its efforts on offering a transparent online health care process and access to specialty care providers for everyone, specializing in the care of people with diabetes and for those at risk using a coordinated “state of the art” web-based platform that aims at providing an efficient patient experience that will foster a greater quality of life, while saving time.

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