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HEALTH: Diet, diabetes and a stubborn dad

Over three years ago, night-time security guard Geoff Whitington, then 62, was in danger of having a foot amputated due to complications from poorly controlled type 2 diabetes. He weighed 19 stone, had high blood pressure and cholesterol, and took prescribed drugs daily.When I met him in November 2016 at a Guild of Health Writers seminar on diet and diabetes, Geoff was the picture of health. Instead of his much-loved takeaways, he has learnt to cook and has now lost six stone. Formerly a dedicated couch potato, he cycles, fishes and does yoga.

Type 2 diabetes is estimated to affect more than four million people in the UK, up to 549,000 of those undiagnosedThe credit for Geoff’s transformation goes to the Fixing Dad project initiated by his so


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