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Healthcare Interoperability: Deceptively Difficult - Tim Benson - DHOx Sept 2016

This talk on Healthcare Interoperability from Tim Benson was given at the DHOx event on Open Source and Open Standards in Healthcare, held in Sept 2016 at the Oxford Martin School.

Tim is an expert in digital health and patient reported outcomes. He is co-founder at R-Outcomes and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at UCL, and the author of a number of best-selling books on interoperability, including the updated third edition of “Principles of Health Interoperability: HL7 and SNOMED”​ http://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319303680. He was the first convenor of the European working group on health interoperability standards (CEN TC/251 WG3).

Tim is the developer of the short fast generic survey tools to track people’s perception of their quality of life (howRu), health confidence (HCS), experience (howRwe), personal wellbeing (PWS) and need (howRthey). He also led the evaluation of the NHS IoT Testbed (Diabetes Digital Coach) as a consultant to NHS Vanguard (NE Hampshire and Farnham).

DHOx is generously sponsored by Global Initiative, Isansys, October Computer Consultants and White October. Videography was by Third Lens Films.

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