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Healthy Minute: Diabetes + Foot Care

Get smarter in a minute! Diabetes Treatment Specialist Wil Dubois covers what people with diabetes should know about taking care of their feet and preventing amputations, a complication of type 2 diabetes. Learn why people with diabetes are more prone to foot problems and what you can do to prevent them… To subscribe for more, go to http://ow.ly/SpX09

Every year in the United States, there are thousands of what are called “non-traumatic amputations”. I guarantee you that any amputation is traumatic, but when we say “non-traumatic” in medicine, we mean that you didn’t run over your foot with a lawnmower or you know get it bitten off by an alligator or something like that. This is a medically necessary amputation, and they are usually caused as the end result of very small injuries. It’s very important for everybody with diabetes, whether their control is perfect or not, to get in the habit of checking their feet every night so that you’re in a good habit should later in your life you begin to have some foot troubles. So every night when you go to bed, kiss your feet goodnight. Just look at your feet physically, make sure everything is OK. Unfortunately, some people who have had diabetes for a long time begin to lose sensation in their feet. And it’s possible to have a rather nasty injury and not feel it. So, sometimes people will step on a nail, or have a rock in their shoe, and be unaware of it, but if you look at your feet every night, you make sure everything looks good, then you’ll never have the trauma of a “non-traumatic” amputation.

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