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It’s the leading cause of death for both men and women. Each year more than 600,000 people die from heart disease in the U.S. Doctors say there are ways for patients to be screened for heart disease before they experience any health problems.

Carrie Dorsch, a cardiovascular screening coordinator with Lee Health, says knowing your heart health is vital to your overall health. “The heart report card is a non-invasive screening program that we’re offering at Lee Health. It involves using ultrasound technology to evaluate the arteries in the neck and the abdominal aorta in the abdomen. We check for any blockages in the leg and we do a limited echo cardiogram, which evaluates the overall function of the heart.”

The heart report card is a way for patients to check their heart health. “The entire process for the testing takes about 30 minutes. We just have you lay down on the table and undress from the waist up. We will be hooking you up to about 10 electrodes to do your EKG,” said Dorsch.

The screenings are geared towards anyone who may be at risk for heart disease. Because patients often show no signs of heart disease, the goal of the screening is to find and prevent a heart health problem.

“One of the major focuses that Lee Health is working on right now is teaching individuals how to make lifestyle choices and make changes on how they can be healthier. So we are promoting that individuals stay healthier, stay active, and manage their chronic disease conditions, whether it’s diabetes, high cholesterol. We’re teaching them to alter their health conditions so they can improve their heart health,” said Molly Grubbs, manager of Healthy Life Center at Coconut Point.

After the screening, physicians read the results and follow up with the participants if they find any problems.

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