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Henry got a Dexcom! | Type I Diabetes

Henry got a Dexcom on June 2nd! It’s been two weeks and we are still in LOVE with this amazing device! Watch to see Henry’s first site getting put on.

Diabetes Playlist: Watch from Day 1!

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Our Heart Journey: Watch from Day 1!

My name is Amy. My husband Andy and I have three boys. I’m a SAHM and long time YouTube vlogger living in Minnesota. I post videos about: Motherhood, Type I Diabetes, Heart Defects / Tetralogy of Fallot / Residual VSD, Tag Videos, DITL’s, Reviews, Hauls, DIY Videos, Win or Fail Friday (Recipe from Pinterest), and Every Monday at 1pm EST I test out a new product in my series called Get It or Forget It!


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