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Hi-Bliss Treatment for Diabetes, Shoulder Pain & Leg Disability

Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy for Diabetes & Pain

Hi-Bliss hydrogen therapy is not only effective for pain relief, but also to treat chronic diseases like diabetes.

Mr Siew Wee Chai sought treatment at Hi-Bliss centre after learning that his friend had benefited from Hi-Bliss therapy. When he first approached Hi-Bliss, he was suffering from 3 health-related problems:-

1. Diabetes – blood sugar level dropped from 7 to 4.6 mmol/L
He was suffering from diabetes. His blood sugar level hit 10 mmol/L at one point, and only after months of medication, the level dropped to 7 mmol/L. After undergoing 3 months of Hi-Bliss Detox & Wellness Treatment, his blood sugar level dropped from 7 to 4.6 mmol/L (healthy level is 4.0-6.0 mmol/L) without any medication! He is now off medication and his blood sugar level is completely under control.

2. Shoulder Pain
After a fall, he hurt his shoulder and suffered pain for a year. Throughout that year, he sought Chinese Tit Tar Treatment, but it failed to solve his problem. To his great surprise, after just ONE 30-minute session of Hi-Bliss Pain Relief treatment, his shoulder pain was gone! Better still, the pain never came back!

3. Disability of Left Leg
Another issue which plagued him was a persistent pain on his left leg caused by an earlier accident. This pain was so severe that he had to use a wheelchair. Whenever he tried to walk, the longest he could stand up was for 1 minute only! After his shoulder pain was healed following the Hi-Bliss treatment, he had no hesitation to try the same treatment for his leg pain. The result was tremendous — he can now stand for 10 minutes….a 10 times improvement over his previous condition!!!

He is indeed an extremely satisfied & happy client now, all thanks to Hi-Bliss! 🙂

For more information:-
Tel: 603-7710 0729 / 6012- 716 8729
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hiblisstherapy/
Website: http://www.hi-bliss.com

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