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Home Remedies to Pass Kidney Stones Naturally

First aid for every disease is the primary stage prevention from such disease. It is very essential that you should consult the recognized physician of such disease. However, sometimes you can take precautionary measures by taking home remedies to prevent the symptoms of that disease. For every disease, there are home remedies available. The following listed precautionary measures are the part of home remedies for kidney stone.

Mix a 1 tsp of the juice of Holy basil leaves and 1 tsp of honey. Take this every morning for 5-6 months.Kidney Stones treatment using Basil. Basil has a total strengthening effect on the kidneys.In case of kidney stones, one teaspoon each of basil juice and honey should be taken every day for six months. It has been found that stones can be barred from the urinary tract by this treatment.

Water! I know it sounds too simple to be true but water has some amazing capabilities. And one out of the thousands is to naturally flush your body of impurities. In most cases, kidney stones are caused by dehydration. You should begin your natural treatment by drinking at least 10 tall glasses of water a day. Tip: Drink half your body weight in ounces per day. Free Tip: Distilled is always better than tap water because of less sediment.

Not all kidney stones cause symptoms. They’re often discovered when you have X-rays for an unrelated condition or when you seek medical care for other problems, such as blood in your urine or recurring urinary tract infections. The pain becomes agonizing only when a kidney stone breaks loose and begins to work its way down from your kidneys to your bladder through the connecting tube (ureter).

Kidney stones usually occur when the urine is high concentrated due to heavy perspiration, insufficient intake of fluids or sedentary life style. Urinary tract infection, wrong diet, excess intake of acid forming foods, white flour, sugar products, meat, tea, coffee, condiments, rich foods and over eating are some other causes for kidney stone disorder. Lack of vitamin A and excessive intake of Vitamin D also leads to formation of stones in kidney.

Treatment using grapes: Grapes have a high content of water and potassium salt. Grapes enhances by its low albumin and sodium chloride content. This is an excellent method to cure kidney stones.

Herbs can easiness and alleviate kidney gravel to a great point. They have been found to relax the cramping sting, smash down steadily any vacant pebbles into charge gravel, and lubricate the passage of the pebbles for spontaneous deletion. Furthermore, herbal medicines have no surface effects. Minor concerns such as a distress stomach or headache may be a consequence of impurities such as copied binders and fillers in the herbal concoction

Increase your intake of bran and oats – bran and oats naturally contain a lot of fiber. Fiber helps get rid of excess calcium and other oxalates or the organic acids that come from the food we eat. Oxalates are useful as in the case of vitamin C. However, oxalates and other excessive mineral substances have the tendency to merge into spiky crystals.

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